CLUB No. 9 | Classic Wine 200 ml - bulk pack 48 pcs.

One packing unit contains 48 CLUB No. 9 glasses - price per SUPERGLAS starting at: 8,95€ - inquire for Horeca pricing.

CLUB No. 9 is the glass that feels good in your hands and is the right choice for backyard parties, weddings and picnics. It is the most versatile and modern must-have and the material is astonishingly strong, making it practically unbreakable. Perfect for use at events, in clubs, at the pool, and everywhere, where glass shards are less than welcome.

Max. volume: 250 ml | 8 ½ oz
Calibration mark: 200 ml | cal. 6 ¾ oz

Perfect for:
• white wine • red wine
• Lillet mix • Cocktails

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