•  High shatter and scratch resistance.
  • All super glasses convince with their extremely long service life.
  • Up to 50% reduction of personnel in runners.
  • Four times better temperature stability compared to conventional glass. This results in significant cost and energy savings for the ice machines.
  • No injuries from shattered glass. No liability cases due to broken glass, no damages claims, and no staff injuries.


koziol’s CLUB SUPERGLAS is a small revolution for gastronomy and the hotel industry and is recommended by the pros. The glasses are sophisticated and inspire with their elegant look, are extremely durable and virtually unbreakable – ideal for all events and areas where glass is not welcome.

Today's modern materials make it possible to combine properties that were previously reserved for other materials with the advantages of plastic. A high-tech material is used for the glasses, which combines the properties of glass such as transparency, brilliance and light refraction with the advantages of plastic such as durability, insulation, lightness and individualized colorability.

CLUB SUPERGLAS was specially developed for professional use. The shapes of the different glasses are not restricted to specific drinks and can thus be used in a variety of ways. The glasses are thick and therefore very stable and the faceted design is simply brilliant.

The unbreakable material prevents unnecessary injuries caused by broken glass and enables greater efficiency in daily handling – such as clearing away and washing – thus providing noticeable cost savings. No signs of abrasion or cloudiness are visible even after more than 1200 dishwasher cycles.
The collection currently comprises 10 models. CLUB SUPERGLAS is already in use a thousand times over in clubs, hotels, luxury resorts and on cruise ships worldwide.