CLUB No. 15 | Gin 400 ml - Set of 2

CLUB No. 15 is the perfect glass for the ever-popular gin and tonic or any delicious cocktail. Gin creations and long drinks are served in style in this expressive stemmed glass. The generous size offers plenty of space for ice, lemons, limes, cucumber, or botanicals, allowing the aromas to evolve. Thanks to the fine rim, the drink reaches the tongue gently, allowing for a unique taste experience. The special high-tech material insulates four times better than conventional glass and drinks stay cold longer.

Set of 2 pieces

Max. volume: 550 ml | ca. 18 1/2 oz
Recommended fill-line: 400  ml | 13 1/2 oz

Perfect for:
• gin tonic • vermouth
• spirits • cocktail infusions

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